Export Control: event on the EU regulation at the Auditorium

The course on Export Control organised by the Import/Export department will be delivered on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 June in the new Cefla Auditorium, in collaboration with teachers from the European Institute for Export Compliance of Brussels and the Turin Polytechnic University – current depositories of the standards concerning European Export Compliance.

The EU-EIFEC 2018 Export Compliance Code, to which Cefla subscribed this year, is a protocol of conduct on imports and exports – a very broad and delicate subject, which requires expertise and continuous updates to be able to correctly interpret the applicable laws and regulations. For this reason, Cefla introduced the professional position of Export Compliance Officer: Cristiano Ercolani will be one of 110 specialists currently existing in Italy.

The purpose of the initiative is to inform about the good practices contained in the protocol – from preventive checks all the way to end customer inspections, prevention of violations and anti-money laundering regulations.

The training course, introduced by Taddeo Palacchino, general manager of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, Emilia-Romagna and Marche interregional division, will be attended by approximately 50 Cefla employees holding different positions within the company, as well as export department personnel from locally-based primary companies, such as Sacmi, IMA, GD, and Marchesini Group, by representatives of Emilia Romagna Confindustria, the general confederation of Italian industry, and by customs officers.

To ensure continuity in our commitment to the dissemination of and compliance with export customs regulations, on 15 and 16 September Cefla will host the first session of the University Master Course in EU Export Compliance, organised by the Turin Polytechnic University and the EIFEC. Intended for export operators, it offers specific training to become Export Compliance Officers – a new professional role within the company.

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