We interviewed the General Manager, Paolo Bussolari, and asked him to illustrate how Cefla carries forward the concept of innovation and their overall approach to management.

paolo bussolari

What does innovation mean to Cefla?

“Now, more than ever, Cefla continues to grow. That growth is the result of continuous investment in innovation, allowing us to create value and overcome any challenges encountered along the way.

In this era of far-reaching change and momentous developments in the digital and environmental fields, our commitment to Research and Development can only get stronger.

The goal is to maintain a constant presence on markets and deliver clear-cut benefits based on real needs”.

What’s the best approach to take?

“It’s essential to take 3 factors into account: Who. What. How.

  • Who’s the customer and what problem do they need to solve?
  • What’s the best solution?

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And then there’s the How: i.e. a business model capable of monetizing the solution.

By innovating we bring benefits not just to the market but the company too. Innovation has a massive impact on an organisation and encourages new models of behaviour”.

How important are people in an innovation management model?

“The building blocks of innovation are investment, products, processes and, above all, people. Open-minded people with a strong sense of responsibility towards their cefla1 | Cefla

The only way to improve is by being curious. As a Group, we have the task of identifying, supporting and bringing out the best in these ‘heroes of change’ by mapping priorities, directing efforts constructively and combining traditional skills with new technologies.”

In an Innovation management model, are People key factors?

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“Innovating also means leaving your comfort zone. It means learning from your mistakes. And it means teamwork, because only by collaborating can you be successful, exchange ideas and experiences and convert them into value for the company and design innovative solutions, together.

Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower”, said Steve Jobs. An understanding of new technologies forms the foundations of a fast, dynamic approach. However, that should not compromise the ability to pause and delve deeper to sidestep the shallowness that, all too often, permeates our frenetic world.”

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