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Cromatica and Cefla Finishing: opening up to creativity with continuous on-steel digital printing

Marcegaglia is one of the Italian steel sector’s leading industrial groups and has been operating on the worldwide steel market for more than 60 years. Cromatica is the latest innovation in the COATEEL® range of the Marcegaglia Group’s pre-painted steel products division.

With Cromatica, Marcegaglia aims to extend the use of pre-painted steel to new sectors such as architecture and design by making use of colour. Cromatica, in fact, lets manufacturers print customised patterns and images on the surfaces of steel and other materials, with an infinite range of colours, shades, opacities and processes. Marcegaglia has therefore invested in research, innovation and continuous experimentation by placing its confidence in Cefla Finishing.

The Digital Printing Cefla Finishing solution

The Cefla Finishing plant allowed Marcegaglia to make Cromatica fully operational, efficiently and innovatively. Digital printing on large surface areas is now possible thanks to an extreme customisation that matches effective customer requirements. The outcome? Products that can be customised both from a ‘visual’ perspective, with colours, textures and images, and from a ‘material’ perspective thanks to multiple tactile effects that are also extremely hard-wearing outdoors.
This makes it the perfect response to a vast range of creative/technical needs, in various fields of application: from residential and office buildings to private homes, from infrastructure to urban design, interior design, Retail Design and even in the nautical, automotive and transport sectors.

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A cutting-edge plant that combines sustainability with automation

The Cromatica production line, located at the plant in Ravenna – the city where Marcegaglia has built its largest steel processing plant and an integrated logistics hub – is 100% automated. Cromatica has an output capacity of 60 metres/minute and has a practically infinite thickness, width and length range. Quality is an essential aspect, especially in a large-scale plant that’s optimised to produce high quantities.

The digital printing section features 4-colour technology. Four main colours — cyan, magenta, yellow and black — provide an infinite chromatic range, making it easy to customise products according to each customer’s specific needs. There’s also a sharp focus on reducing any material or energy waste because sustainability is a crucial part of the Cromatica production process, right from the start: from the steel itself, which is infinitely recyclable, to the meticulous selection of raw materials, the carefully controlled production lines and the short supply chains.

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