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Ultra-high definition digital oral images thanks to scanners from NewTom and MyRay

Intraoral scanner technology from MyRay and NewTom is revolutionising the field of dentistry, offering a number of significant benefits. These devices, part of the Cefla Medical Equipment BU ecosystem, are designed to optimise the diagnostic and therapeutic process, significantly reducing operating time and providing superior patient comfort, all while respecting the environment.

One of the main advantages of these scanners is their ability to generate extremely accurate and realistic three-dimensional digital models of the oral cavity. These models allow the dental team to work with unprecedented accuracy, facilitating fast and effective interventions. Thanks to this image accuracy, professionals can perform treatments with greater confidence and achieve more satisfactory results for the patient.

In addition, the technology used in intraoral scanners allows for smooth and immediate communication between the dental team and patients. Through an evolving software platform, patients can view accurate images of their oral cavity in real time, including orthodontic treatment simulations and smile designs, also supported by Artificial Intelligence. This not only increases the patient’s understanding of their dental condition, but also encourages greater participation in the decision-making process regarding necessary treatments.

Furthermore, the ability to interconnect intraoral scanners with other digital systems in the practice allows for more efficient management of information and clinical data. This fosters closer collaboration between the dental team and dental partners, who can access and share data in real time through a dedicated web-based platform. This rapid and accurate exchange of information further optimises the patient care process, ensuring high-quality results in a more efficient and coordinated manner.

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