Cefla has grown, established itself and maintained its roots to become today a large multibusiness group that has made its heterogeneity a strong point.


Cefla Impianti Group (now Cefla Engineering) founded, specialising in electrical and thermohydraulic systems

1932 | Cefla


Cefla Arredamenti Group (Cefla Shopfitting) founded

1950 | Cefla


Cefla Finishing Group (now Cefla Finishing) founded

1964 | Cefla


Start of Cefla internationalisation process

1980 | Cefla


Cefla Dental Group (Cefla Medical Equipment) founded

1998 | Cefla


Cefla confirms its leadership in the four areas of business

2000 | Cefla


Cefla is a company with a solid recognised identity that operates around the world in various business sectors and believes in the value of sharing

2015 | Cefla


C-LED is created, operating in the LED lighting sector and developing technologies for growing and wireless connectivity

2016 | Cefla


Cefla celebrates its 85th anniversary

2017 | Cefla


A new Business Unit sees the light: Cefla Lighting

2018 | Cefla


Our new Tagline ‘Making Your Life Better’ is born

2019 | Cefla


Cefla celebrates its 90th anniversary

Cefla 90 anniversario - 1932-2022


Today Cefla is a company with a solid recognised identity that operates around the world in various business sectors and believes in the values of sharing,
of getting involved and of doing business with people, of staying close to territories in which it invests, making the group stronger and the clients more secure. The Business Units combine skills and ability to achieve shared objectives in their respective sectors, united by a common project in which networks of relationships and talents complement each other and support each other.
This is strength that comes from doing things together: a valuable legacy, a baton to be passed on from one generation to the next.

Shaping history

In 2022 Cefla celebrates its 90th anniversary: a milestone achieved through the hard work of all those who have been part of the company.
Since 1932 generations of workers have followed one another, each inheriting the obligations and dreams of the previous one. Throughout this natural process of change, Cefla’s vision has been a constant.

Over the last 90 years, markets, technologies and lifestyles have been transformed beyond recognition, yet the spirit with which Cefla unites people and creates value for the community remains immutable.


When we started out in 1932 we had no idea what we might achieve. Step by step, we spread out from Imola to reach international markets.
Always focused on the future, always looking for a way to improve people’s lives.


In our people’s words

``Cefla was founded in Imola in 1932. From its beginnings with just a few people, the company now has some 1,800 employees.

These values have guided us since 1932... and remain our inspiration for the future.``

``How did we get here?

In the value of doing things together. Because, in Cefla, sharing multiplies results.``

``Cefla has overcome nine decades of challenges to become what it is today because it has constantly evolved and remained faithful to its mission of creating value.

In closeness to the local community. Because the ties with our origins give us the strength to make stunning achievements.``

``Cefla has never lost sight of its dreams… or its idea of progress.

Thanks to these guiding principles, we’ve handled the complexity, uncertainties and difficulties of doing business, without ever veering off course.``

``The passion for our work, Because whatever the mind invents, it only becomes truly great with heart.

We’ve never forgotten where we come from, our identity. We’ve always believed in our values.``

The most significant images of our 90 years