A multibusiness company

Behind the comfort and efficiency of the places where you live, work, shop or care is the idea of progress that guides our mission. Since 1932 we have had our feet planted in our earth, but we are always exploring new worlds to take the values we believe in even further.

Cefla consists of 3 Business Units. Each has its own history of success, products and innovations. Yet they are all part of a shared quest for improvement in which partnerships and skills interact to generate excellence and ensure satisfaction for all our customers and stakeholders.


Our Business Unit

Our Business Units bring together skills and abilities to achieve objectives in their respective contexts, united by a common project – to make people’s lives better – helped by relationships and talents that integrate and support each other.

Creating value over time.

Cefla is a solid identity, operating at an international level, which believes in the values of sharing, involvement and doing business with people; it is close to the territories in which it invests, giving strength to the group and security to its customers.

Discover new solutions and different markets thanks to unmatched skills that help our customers improve people’s quality of life.

Creating value over time it fuels the drive towards future achievements – through product innovation and process evolution – with the fixed aim of discovering benefits for the consumer..
Our quest for excellence is ceaseless and systematic. Since 1932 we’ve followed the principle of continuous improvement, creating value and well-being in every business, every day.
Key mission-compatible growth drivers include an ability to anticipate market needs, create tangible benefits and the courage to invest in the future.

“Making” refers to an innate capacity of Cefla, a manufacturing tradition that has been with us for decades. “Making” also involves transformation. In other words, Cefla simultaneously “makes something” and “makes it into something else”.

Your Life
“Your Life” refers to every one of our stakeholders’ lives, especially the final consumers’. We speak to them directly, creating close relationships that are strengthened every day.

“Better” is the effect these relationships aim to generate: improving people’s lives in various ways by providing products that truly make a difference.

Our value

We always combine skills and new ideas to aim for continuous improvement over time.

The power of working together

For almost 90 years we’ve believed in the power of "working together", the power of getting people involved.

Costant passion and respect

People are our most valuable asset.Every day, their passion and expertise bring us closer to achieving our goals and building our future.

Ties with the local community

Close ties with our roots ensure we maintain a solid, supportive presence within our local community.

Reliability, transparency, trust

Loyalty and trust form the bedrock of our every action.Our conduct is based on maximum helpfulness and transparency within the Group and towards all the involved parties we deal with on a daily basis.

Continuous improvement, innovation and creativity

We believe in continuous improvement as a blend of skills and new ideas.

Excellence of products and services

We create products and systems of excellence to ensure optimal solutions in terms of technology, innovation and benefits.

Our Company Profile