Health, safety, environment policy

Cefla is aware that the path towards sustainable development requires policies, tools and lines of action to protect the environment and the health and safety of workers.
Responsibility towards future generations requires a strong commitment to the careful use of natural and energy resources and the minimization of environmental impacts.

Purpose of the Policy

Cefla considers workers’ Health and Safety, environmental-friendliness and energy saving to be fundamental values, as the company is convinced that only a balanced, sustainable development that safeguards people both physically and culturally can ensure the well-being and prosperity of future generations.

  • Compliance with current international, national, regional and local laws, standards and regulations, commitments undertaken by stakeholders included;
  • Improved workplace conditions to reduce work-related hazards and risks;
  • Fewer injuries and accidents at work;
  • Less energy consumption;
  • Protection of the environment and the prevention of environmental accidents;
  • Reduced environmental impact.
Our commitments:
  • Promoting and disseminating a culture of Health and Safety, energy saving and environmental protection at all corporate levels by raising awareness, providing information, educating and training;
  • Implementing prevention and protection measures to prevent potentially dangerous situations and energy waste and to minimize environmental impact, under normal working conditions and during emergencies;
  • Verifying compliance with standards and regulations regarding safety, health, energy management and the environment;
  • Defining and reviewing workplace health and safety, energy efficiency and environmental protection improvement goals and implementing relative programmes;
  • Assessing the suitability, efficiency and effectiveness of the adopted measures;
  • Developing and implementing progressive and continuous improvement, from the design phase to working conditions, processes, infrastructure and services, in line with technological progress;
  • Involving suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors in implementing this policy, encouraging the purchase of goods, works and services that comply with the above-indicated principles and goals.

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