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From small-sized workshop to automated factory thanks to Cefla Finishing technology

With over 20 years’ experience, Global Design is a key player on Romania’s furniture market. Based in Suceava, it is active in the field of production and distribution of furniture and furnishing components. Cefla Finishing’s innovative coating system has turned Global Design into a top-class national player in the furniture industry.
Global Design has found in our Cefla Finishing Business Unit an ideal partner to help its growth and meet a huge variety of demands from a market that includes both small-sized operators and larger companies, requiring technologies that must deliver high production flexibility.

The first industrial coating system supplied by Cefla Finishing proved to be a huge leap forward for Global Design. It allowed a switch from manual, small-scale processes to automated ones suitable for the production of small and large batches. Excimer drying technology didn’t just deliver flexibility: it also meant that Global Design could offer products with superior performance, ensuring a unique competitive edge. Global Design has evolved in just a few years from a small-sized workshop to an automated production facility with a floor space of over 30,000 square meters and 350 employees, becoming one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Romania with recognised quality, reliability and competitive pricing standards.

The partnership with Cefla Finishing started with a visit to our Lab – a dedicated space where to watch machines in operation, experiment with new solutions, carry out productivity tests and calculate the ROI on finishing processes – which was a source of inspiration to then appoint Cefla Finishing as the company’s main technological partner.

Global Design immediately saw the value of the new finishing system in terms of innovation and flexibility for the production of coated panels. Thanks to Cefla’s signature technology, the plant now handles 12,000 panels daily, with different decorations, dimensions, shapes and styles, with an outstandingly high output capacity.

Which technologies have allowed this combination of customisation and efficiency? Firstly, those that minimise machine downtimes related to maintenance and colour changeovers. Having to stop the line to produce customised small batches can have a huge impact on manufacturing efficiency. This is why optimising the colour changeover process was crucial to obtaining a flexible, efficient line.

Among the solutions implemented is iBotic, the Cartesian coating robot that works simultaneously on pieces of different shapes and thicknesses.

Global Design also decided to expand its range by introducing matt finishes (INFINIT-MAT) with a soft-touch feel that offer high surface resistance to scratching and wear. The finishing line was therefore upgraded by integrating the Exydry excimer oven. This solution adopts new, patented, sustainable drying technology. This not only ensures an aesthetic finish with outstanding durability, but is also suitable for 3D surfaces, such as shaped panels.

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