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Our Group’s strength and the power of working together have always stemmed from its people.

We’ve been in business from 90 years. We embrace change and are constantly innovating, yet remain faithful to our core values and identity. This approach has made us an international multi-business Group employing over 1,800 people.

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We’re a multi-business, multi-brand cooperative company consisting of Business Units with a worldwide presence in which you’ll find a range of professions – with core skills that are interchangeable from one business unit to another.

Why Cefla

Focusing on well-being and professional development

Belief in one’s work, a feeling of accomplishment, growing through what one learns – and teaches – every day: these are the goals we tirelessly pursue through continuous self-improvement.
We’ve been in business for over 90 years. We embrace change and are constantly innovating, yet remain faithful to our core values and identity.


We know how important it is to provide employees and their families with support. That’s why we channel economic and organizational resources into health-related benefits, because quality of life depends on quality of health: Cefla, in fact, offers a specific health policy covering employees and their immediate family.

Cefla also helps employees cope with family commitments, especially in summer when it provides contributions for children attending Summer Camps.

The company is also involved in organizing wellbeing-focused sports and leisure activities such as yoga, gymnastics and cycling.

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We firmly believe that sharing knowledge and understanding is the key to achieving excellence. Putting people first means boosting their potential, expanding professional and personal skills, ensuring everyone gives their best.

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One of the key goals of our training programmes is to equip people with the skills needed to take full advantage of the digital revolution that is impacting all professions, to produce, interact and communicate within the Industry 4.0 framework.

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Our training system program works on an ‘upgrade’ basis:

  • Awareness of as-yet unattained skills is gained.
  • Intermediate level, in which personnel work towards acquiring the skills they are now aware of.
  • Mastery level, in which acquired skills are honed.

Focusing on future generations


Numerous initiatives are aimed at up-and-coming generations, our company’s future managers who need a nurturing environment to bring out their full potential.


  • School-work experience and internships:
    Our commitment to younger generations is tangible every single day.
    Over the years we’ve implemented numerous school-work experience projects and internships for final-year university students/graduates.
  • Working alongside the education system:
    Cefla brings its know-how and experience to the education system by taking part in round tables between teachers and local company representatives. We also provide funding and consultancy services to MIUR projects.
  • Scholarships:
    Cefla nurtures talent at every age. That’s why we assist high-performing students with scholarships and provide educational and training opportunities outside Italy. An approach that reflects our corporate values: closeness to the community, internationalisation and meritocracy.
  • Company tours:
    We’re always ready to open our doors to schools and universities.

Open to the world, open to you.

From Imola to the entire world.

Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America: our company does business in many different countries, operating within different cultural contexts.
We see internationalisation as an ongoing process, one built on a passion for our work, acknowledged every day by a far-reaching network of customers and partners across different businesses.


If you’re a university or school and you’d like us to give an in-class presentation, write to us and we’ll take a look at it together!


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