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Sustainability report: 2022 edition released

The 2022 Sustainability Report – our fifth – has just been released. It shows the impacts produced by the Group and illustrates the initiatives the company has undertaken to make Sustainability a pivotal concept in all its businesses. Sustainability represents more than just a commitment to the environment: it also symbolises our all-round commitment to stakeholders in the form of solid ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) initiatives.

Highlights of the Sustainability Report 2022

Bilancio di Sostenibilità 2022

Cefla knows that safeguarding the natural world is of the utmost importance: that’s why its seeks to minimize environmental impact by taking clear-cut action, such as by reducing energy consumption. With the energy crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine, 2022 saw us focus on improving our infrastructure. This resulted in a reduction of our impact in terms of both Scope 1 (direct emissions related to the consumption of natural gas and fuel for the company’s vehicle fleet) and Scope 2 emissions (relating to the purchase of electricity from non-renewable sources), despite the Group’s expansion in terms of both revenues and employees.

Innovation also underwent a marked acceleration in 2022: this was driven by major investments that involved a 27% increase in R&D expenditure and corporate takeovers for the Medical Equipment BU in order to broaden the product range and strengthen the supply chain.

People are seen as a vital resource: consequently, they’re placed on professional development schemes that involve continuous training. Cefla also invested in several work-life balance and welfare projects. These included various forms of supplementary healthcare, scholarships for employees’ children, special leave to let parents accompany their children during the first few days of kindergarten or nursery school, and a programme by which employees can opt to allocate their performance bonus to welfare programs, with the company itself applying a coefficient to boost the pay-in.

Cefla has always seen relations with local communities as crucial, in terms of the connection with suppliers and from an environmental and social perspective. In 2022 Cefla actively supported the Imola area in several ways, such as by donating a ‘CBCT Newtom 7G’ CT scanner to the Montecatone Onlus Foundation. Additionally, the company made various donations to local associations, including a contribution to Imola’s Fondazione Accademia Internazionale to assist their purchase of a new piano.

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