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The latest Finishing BU drying technology at the service of Desicor for high-level furnishing components

To keep pace with developments in the furniture world, you have to be ready to implement new production technology in order to gain tangible competitive advantages such as higher productivity, better quality and more diversified products. Desicor, a Portuguese company that specialises in the production of furniture and decorative panels, exported all over the world via its Oneskin brand, is fully aware of this.

But upgrading production methods is always tricky for manufacturing companies, as renewal needs to be balanced against the impact on existing business processes. Desicor chose Cefla Finishing as its surface finishing partner to make its furniture both highly distinctive and extremely high-quality: thanks to Cefla, products are scratch-proof, ultra-strong and have deep matt surfaces.

Cefla Finishing Desicor Linea Rullo Linea spruzzo con Eccimeri 2023 | Cefla

The Finishing BU has designed an innovative, patented drying oven – Exydry – and incorporated it into Desicor’s existing coating line to obtain super-matt, extremely hard-wearing finishes, even on objects with complex shapes. Cefla Finishing came up with a customised solution that could be combined with the existing technology to give rise to a new production line.

Getting an innovative new finishing line up and running offers a valuable opportunity to boost productivity and ensure higher-quality results; however, it’s important to understand that this process demands commitment from the customer and that it’s essential to select a ‘technology partner’ who can streamline the transition to more advantageous solutions. And this is exactly what we did for Desicor. To ensure optimal productivity at all times, we provided training, constant support, on-site and remote assistance, all thanks to smooth teamwork with the customer, all the way up to complete adoption of the new plant. “In Cefla there’s always an expert available, well-prepared on the latest technology and ready to help”, confirms Pedro Ramos, Process Engineering Manager at Desicor.
“Nevertheless, the partnership with Desicor demonstrates that even the most innovative technologies are not, on their own, enough: they need to be paired with a change management process that efficiently inserts the new plant into the corporate ecosystem”, concludes Cristian Giovannini, the Finishing BU’s Product Manager.


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