Following completion of the special mechanical and electrical systems for the 3 towers and Podium building in Milan’s new Porta Nuova Garibaldi district, Cefla is now acting as technical sponsor to the “Porta Nuova Smart Community” project, promoted by the Riccardo Catella Foundation (FCR) whose mission it is to encourage and develop civil projects designed to bring value and life to public areas.

The core of the project spreads over a surface area exceeding 330,000 sqm in which the key
themes are environment, energy efficiency, technology and citizenship. A project with a 360° scope to share and promote public areas through the use of technologies such as interactive totems, mobile apps and a digital portal, with the sole aim of getting the Porta Nuova community to connect.

Playing a part in all this was fundamental, with 80 years spent developing sustainable technologies, it was right that the Plant Solutions Business Unit should have been involved in such an innovative and citizen-friendly project as this.

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