Cefla Making Your Life Better

How many people know about Cefla? And, above all, how many actually know what we do?
As they drive along the motorway that passes in front of our headquarters, how many people ask themselves what our line of work is?

The diversity of our businesses – design and construction of civil and industrial plants, retail design solutions for Large Scale Retail Trade, the manufacture of finishing and coating lines for different surfaces, the manufacture of dental and medical equipment, lighting solutions with LED technology for archi-tech lighting and wireless connectivity – is undoubtedly a strength, yet it’s a strength with a unifying thread that enhances the familiarity of our brand and represents its heart and soul.

Our vocation goes beyond the mere provision of civil, industrial or cogeneration plants, machines for coating wood or other materials, digital printers, patient chairs for dental surgeries, advanced X-ray and sterilisation systems, LED lighting, shelving and retail outlet solutions.

For example, just think of the 3,000 office workers at the Allianz Tower in Milan, the visitors to FICO or the Uffizi gallery, anyone with an IKEA kitchen, how we help people look after their health, the quality of tomatoes grown with the aid of our LEDs and how we streamline the supermarket or shop purchasing experience.

Thanks to our products and services, we make people’s daily lives better. Through the tangible things we build for our customers, we create intangible value for people every single day. Hence our tagline: Making Your Life Better.

Starting in early 2019, following the partnership established in 2018 with Ducati, we’ve designed a new communication campaign to promote our brand.
On 40 programmed screens located around Bologna‘s Guglielmo Marconi Airport, travellers will soon be able to see our latest corporate campaign featuring the tagline Making Your Life Better. This outstanding in-airport visibility will allow us, during this 12-month screen-based campaign, to reach no less than 8.5 million passengers.

Cefla is now an "Authorized Economic Operator"
Cefla confirmed as Official Partner of Ducati Corse