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Newtom Forum 2021: a scientific convention to tribute the 25th anniversary of Medical Equipment BU’s NewTom

The fifth edition of the international scientific convention “NewTom Forum 2021-The Pioneer Of The Cone Beam CT”, organised by the Cefla Medical Equipment Business Unit, will be held on Saturday 11 September at the Vita e Salute University of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan to celebrate the 25th anniversary of NewTom, a brand specialized in diagnostic imaging in specialist medical and dental sectors. 

The NewTom Forum, with lectures by speakers and moderators of acknowledged international renown, aims to present the most recent developments in dedicated CBCT technology to dentistry, maxillofacial surgery, ENT, orthopedics, and radiology specialists. A number of clinical professionals and experts from over 100 countries around the world will attend the Forum to share high-profile experiences and opinions, looking forward to innovative solutions increasingly close to the needs of clinicians and patients, thanks to Cefla’s continuous investment in research and development.

NewTom tells a story of Italian excellence: in the world, the tomographic reconstruction technique based on the capturing of two-dimensional radiographic projections with conical beam emission had already been used in the 1980s on prototypes for ‘in vitro’ examinations. Only with NewTom, however, was it possible, in 1996, to create the first device allowing actual use on patients – revolutionising diagnostic techniques and even renaming the new technology CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography). The better value, low maintenance, user-friendly device immediately made available to users three-dimensional ‘imaging’ functions, featuring higher resolution and lower X-ray doses, guaranteeing diagnostic accuracy combined with less invasive patient testing.

“The Cefla Group has innovation in its DNA – explains Paolo Bussolari, Cefla’s General Manager – and this is confirmed by its continuous investments in Research and Development, to come up with solutions capable of improving and supporting the work of clinicians, the many ongoing collaborations with top Universities world-wide and scientific publications that each year confirm the excellence of Medical Equipment BU’s products.

In a future based on artificial intelligence, Cefla will play a key role in the application of algorithms capable of supporting clinicians who strive to improve even further, increasing diagnostic capacity and further reducing the X-ray dose administered to patients.”

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