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Cefla Finishing takes part in the iLuMinAS project to streamline after-sales services using AI

The iLuMinAS project will see Cefla Finishing working alongside SACMI Imola s.c., SECO S.p.A. and MEP S.p.A. Funded by the EU-supported BI-REX competence center as part of the NextGenerationEU program, which falls within the remit of the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), the iLuMinAS project aims to create an assistance and ticketing support system. The goal is to streamline after-sales service and reduce the workload for requests relating to the most frequently occurring problems.

Leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence to transform after-sales support, the multidisciplinary team consists of experts from the four companies, supported by DALET S.r.l., specialists in documentation/technical manuals and part of the Logos Group. Using this unique blend of skills, the aim is to develop cutting-edge technology that integrates innovative approaches to knowledge management, documentation management and ticketing.

Cefla Finishing’s role will consist of building up an info database to deal with the multiple requests received by an after-sales service. By employing AI, it will be possible to ‘train’ a chatbot to provide fitting, effective answers, or to draw up use and maintenance manuals and lists of recommended spare parts.

The iLuMinAS project will proceed under the guidance of BI-REX, one of the Industry 4.0 Competence Centers established by the Ministry of Economic Development, its goal being to drive digital development and technological innovation by way of practical projects.

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