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The historic Cefla Finishing BU event goes global and hybrid, focussing on efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness.

Cefla Live Global will open its doors on 7 June through to 11 June for a week packed full of events with a mix of webinars and live presentations from the 3 main Finishing BU locations: Italy, China and the USA.

The 2021 edition will focus on sustainability and efficiency, the main objectives of each innovation project in the surface treatment industry, to meet the needs of large-, medium- or small-sized businesses operating in different markets.
While in Charlotte, USA, and in China the participants will be able to experience in person the machines in operation at the two locally based LABs, in Imola Finishing BU’s experts will present the latest innovations during live online webinars, delivered at different times of the day to respond to geographical area and language requirements.

The new iBotic spraying robot incorporates innovative devices to increase production efficiency and minimize downtime.
Less lacquer, a lighter impact on the environment and less time on the line are the main pluses of Smartvacuum, designed to obtain a flawlessly seamless, soft to the touch finish between panel flat surfaces and edges.
Our high-performance Elispray elliptical spray coating machine ensures top productivity. Sustainability is the driving force behind the new curing oven developed with the aim of reducing dependence on photoinitiators: UV-I works in an inert atmosphere cutting most of the costs associated with these expensive and harmful lacquer additives.
More innovations come from the J-Print line of industrial digital printers which enhances the customisation potential, allowing decorative components stocks to be dramatically reduced: using the same graphic file, both the panel flat surface and the edge can be printed with the same pattern.

With an improved control of digitization processes, and leveraging large amounts of data, companies can boost their production efficiency and increase their profitability.

Discover all the scheduled events > https://www.ceflafinishing.com/en/ceflalive/cefla-live/

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