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Lighting BU’s C-LED at Expo 2020 Dubai

C-Led is going to Expo 2020 Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, to be held from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022. The company will be in the Italy Pavilion with its LED lights, working as a qualified supplier to Tolo Green.

The World Exhibition will focus on sustainability in terms of environmental, energy and water resource accessibility and resilience; in this context Tolo Green, operating as an Official Technical Partner of the Italy Pavilion, will install a system consisting of five large tanks in which three types of algae will be grown. And ‘giving life’ to these algae will be C-Led’s indoor photosynthesizing lamps which act as a true ‘life source’ and allow the algae to grow in an environment where there is little solar radiation.

The Italy Pavilion, with an eye-catching architecture creatively based on a Beauty connects people theme, will have an exceptional feature, one that makes it unique among the 192 pavilions: it will be the only one that breathes! After the algae-powered purification process – the indoor atmosphere will, in fact, be rich in carbon dioxide due to the presence of so many visitors – the air will be reintroduced into the pavilion naturally as oxygen, purifying it for the guests.

Our lights grow the future. This is C-Led’s design leitmotif for the LED lamps used by Tolo Green. It’s a well suited one, as Spirulina is a natural plant-based food, rich in nutrients and packed with organoleptic properties essential for the human body.

In order to cultivate microalgae in an indoor environment, C-Led has developed a specific light spectrum that speeds up growth and ensures maintenance of all the nutritional and beneficial properties these plants contain. Note that the LED lamps in the pavilion maximise crop yields yet consume up to 40% less energy than other more obsolete technologies.

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