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New computed tomography unit for advanced digital radiology diagnostics donated to the Montecatone Rehabilitation Institute

On the occasion of its 90th anniversary, Cefla has made a donation that will greatly improve the radiological diagnosis system at the Montecatone Rehabilitation Institute hospital.
A sophisticated new diagnostic unit – a NewTom Cone Beam CT Multi-Scan Body computed tomography unit – has now been added to the hospital’s technology pool thanks to a donation made through the Fondazione Montecatone.

This tomography unit, with a market value of around 250,000 euros, will provide patients, both at the rehabilitation centre and throughout the local area, with state-of-the-art technology that offers ultra-high hard tissue resolution, especially on bones. What’s more, extremely low X-ray emissions will allow for frequent examinations, even on the most fragile patients.

“The donation”, points out Mario Tubertini, General Manager of the Montecatone Rehabilitation Institute, “is also expected to lead to close collaboration and research, vital for further refinement of the radiological technology itself. The CBCT is the perfect addition to the existing machine pool at the Institute’s main radiology department, which has a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging unit and a 64-slice CT scanner, the very best today’s market has to offer”.

Marco Gasparri, President of the Fondazione Montecatone, expressed pride in the fact that “a major industrial player in our area has decided to support the Montecatone Institute, a facility of renowned national and international excellence. Ever since its inception, our Foundation has always sought to establish close ties with the local economy and local industry. Over the years, businesses have responded with enormous responsibility and a profound sense of community. I therefore thank Cefla for this crucial donation. Not only does it celebrate a major milestone, it demonstrates their sensitivity and focus on corporate social responsibility, to the benefit of the entire local community.”

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“Cefla has always enjoyed a solid, mutually beneficial relationship with the community where it was founded and grew. As we celebrate our 90th anniversary, we’ve decided to donate our best diagnostic technology to an institute that is renowned both locally and internationally”, concludes Gianmaria Balducci, President of Cefla.

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