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Sustainability Report 2021 now available

Cefla has always acknowledged the importance of the local community, both from an environmental and a social perspective: hence the numerous initiatives carried out every year, such as actions taken in 2021 in rapid response to the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic:

– Establishment of a vaccination hub, in collaboration with SACMI, another Imola-based company, to vaccinate employees against Covid-19.

– Donations of medical devices and equipment to the Local Health Authority.

On the supplier side of the equation, we favour local companies as this gives us greater control over the supply chain, one of the pillars of Cefla’s new organizational model. Goals currently include more in-depth control of existing suppliers and the adoption of practices intended to promote sustainability when selecting new ones.

People are seen as a vital resource: consequently, they’re placed on professional development schemes that involve continuous training. Furthermore, as part of this focus on investment in human capital, Cefla aims to strengthen its equal opportunities policy, designed to combat all forms of discrimination by taking an inclusion and integration approach to human resources.

Cefla understands the importance of environmental conservation and seeks to minimize its environmental impact. It does so by pursuing key goals, such as reducing energy consumption and enacting safeguards such as accident prevention policies.

To complete the actions taken so far and set out clear goals, Cefla has also appointed a Sustainability Manager and sustainability representatives for each Business Unit; this is to ensure targets are reached and help promote an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) culture at every level of the company.

Moreover, Cefla was elected as one of the 200 Sustainability Leaders 2022 by the financial newspaper Sole24Ore, clearly demonstrating the effectiveness of the obtained results.

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