The new TeaPak headquarters created by Cefla in barely 12 months are now fully operative

The Imola building site — which never interrupted its work during the Covid-19 lockdown and always guaranteed safe operations — is the outcome of a huge investment made by the Yogi Tea Group member company TeaPak. The project was completed making use of local resources.

TeaPak’s new production facility, built by Cefla and designed by Open Project, is already operating after barely one year from the moment its first foundation stone was laid. This marks a record, given the extensive area covered by the site (12,000 m2, with the possibility of increasing production by two-fold to meet the growing market demand). Moreover, the building site was one of the extremely rare places to remain active in Italy during the two months when the lockdown was enforced. Work on the project continued with the utmost care for the safety and health of workers, consistently with the values shared by Cefla and TeaPak, a Yogi Tea Group company.

Two companies united by a common vision, providing their service to improve the lives of people,” says Gianmaria Balducci, President of Cefla, whose head office is situated a short distance from Teapak’s new facility. “It was a rewarding experience to be the General Contractor with our Business Unit Engineering in this ambitious project. Cefla made TeaPak’s challenge its own. We consider reputation and reliability core values, and we are proud of having contributed to concretising our common vision, stone by stone, one day at a time.

The TeaPak facility, the Yogi Tea Group’s only European production centre, currently produces more than 650 million sachets of herbal teas. TeaPak’s entire investment, in the range of 25 million euro, has focused on the area, including industrial installations certified 4.0, which will be run by leading firms in the Emilia-Romagna region’s Packaging Valley. Studio 102 based in Imola coordinated safety measures at the building site. It was a particularly challenging task due to provisions related to Covid-19.

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