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Paolo Bussolari is the new General Manager of the Cefla Group

Paolo Bussolari is the new General Manager of the Cefla Group.

Dr. Bussolari, a law graduate who has been with Cefla since 2001, has held several positions within the Medical Equipment Business Unit. Starting out as Marketing Manager, he later became the Marketing and Sales Director and has, since 2013, headed the Medical BU.

As of March of this year he has – while remaining at the helm of the Medical BU – held the position of Cefla Group General Manager, a pivotal role for a large industrial group and one that is even more important in light of today’s unprecedented challenges.

“During his nineteen years with the company, Paolo Bussolari has demonstrated an ability to achieve goals with professionalism and determination. Those qualities dovetail with an in-depth understanding of Cefla, a company operating in 5 different sectors, each with its own logic and dynamics. For these reasons – and in keeping with our cooperative’s founding values – we believe him to be the right person to lead the Cefla Group forwards”, states Gianmaria Balducci, President of Cefla.

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