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Energy efficiency, process improvement and resource optimisation thanks to the ENVISION by Cefla Engineering

For some time our company, and our Engineering BU in particular, has applied an in-depth focus on issues related to energy efficiency, the driving force behind our most innovative projects.

Continuous in-field research has resulted in EN VISION, our new modular platform that accelerates business efficiency and transformation processes, relying on IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and Artificial Intelligence models to manage processes in a variety of business sectors.

Using predictive techniques, this web-suite allows data to be analysed in real time, generating reliable information that helps users to manage assets as accurately and efficiently as possible in three different applications.

GENERA is the first application developed for the cogeneration and energy efficiency sector.

Thanks to our experience in the field of managing power generation plants, we have developed a platform that summarises in just a few screen pages the data needed to correctly manage cogeneration plants, district heating plants and mixed generation plants e.g. combining renewable and conventional fuels.

By using IoT features, such as sensors installed in the field, this tool provides users with a comprehensive overview – so they can check at a glance if their power plants are running efficiently, ensuring their compliance with regulatory standards.

OPTIMA is an optimisation system that uses AI to manage information in an increasingly reliable manner to ensure efficient management. It is a management-oriented system that focusses on the optimisation of power plants aiming to achieve the highest possible cost efficiency.

Energy producers who already have the GENERA application can implement OPTIMA with the help of Artificial Intelligence and IoT systems to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions, enhancing energy production efficiency and meeting user requirements with costs remaining equal.

A case where cost savings have been documented

This software is already installed in the cogeneration plant in the Tor di Valle area of Rome, which serves around 20 thousand households. Based on three-day weather forecasts, the tool decides whether to use all the stored heat or lower the temperature to optimise consumption, especially in the winter period. In the first year of experimentation alone we achieved savings of 5% compared to the average figure of previous years.
OPTIMA can also be trained to constantly self-improve thanks to its own Artificial Intelligence, consistently supporting the user: over time, continuous management improvements will translate into immediate economic returns.

Since efficiency is one of the keystones underlying the concept of predictive factoryi.e. a place where machines, people and processes are connected online and where the data collected is used to predict future behaviour and generate competitive advantage – the third tool, FABRIKA, processes the available data, allowing the user to manage resources in the best possible way, predicting and detecting malfunctions, errors and waste.

FABRIKA, which comes complete with software and hardware, is the system that supports companies in a wide range of industrial sectors helping them to optimise the management of their assets. It also improves process, consumption and maintenance efficiency. It optimises resource management, prevents waste and, by rationalising the company’s production processes, boosts long-term economic performance.

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