C-LED. Light… seen in a different light.

A forward-thinking innovator and developer of LED technology, the company aims to be an effective partner for businesses operating in the public lighting, visual merchandising, interior design, indoor lighting and greenhouse growing sectors.

Its strong focus on innovation and the availability of an all-new advanced, efficient production line give C-LED undisputed competitive advantages that let it meet and anticipate even the most challenging needs of the market. These strengths are backed up by other advantages: a strict quality policy, the capacity to meet customers’ personalisation requirements and fast delivery of products following order placement.

C-LED's mission is to accelerate lighting innovation by developing cutting-edge technology and production techniques, keeping one step ahead of the market and even its most ambitious requirements. Our goal is to ensure the business grows by offering the market high quality lighting solutions of long-lasting reliability.

C-LED works to ensure that its products are applied in synergy with the environment and protect it. The stateof-the-art lamps are designed to help farmers increase yield, reduce costs and extend the seasonality of summer crops, guaranteeing production even in the winter period.

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