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The new Cefla Auditorium

In 2017, on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of its founding, Cefla inaugurated the new Auditorium, located at the entrance to its headquarters in via Bicocca, Imola.

Cefla Corporate Auditorium | CeflaThe figures for the Auditorium: 450 seats, nine on-stage speaker lecterns with microphone and monitor, five projection screens with relative video terminals, two simultaneous translation booths and a control room. Incorporated into an existing company building, the spacious yet compact two-tier Auditorium has also been designed to save on ground space. On the lower floor, locker room facilities have been doubled in size and a recreation room provided for employees. On the upper floor the Auditorium is arrayed around a large foyer with a corner cafeteria.

Corporate Cefla Auditorium | CeflaThanks to a system of mobile walls, the Auditorium can be divided into three independent rooms, one with a 370-person capacity, the others each holding 40 persons. This means the facility can host different events simultaneously. Sound-absorbing walls and ceilings that ensure acoustic comfort, systems that meet modern building automation criteria and user-friendly touchwall screens make this Auditorium incredibly versatile. It’s also possible to hold remote video conferences, stream events directly and record them.

Cefla Corporate Cefla Audit | CeflaThe architecture was designed by Imola-based Studio Associato di Ingegneria Edile TB, working in close collaboration with Cefla Engineering on the building systems.

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