Report 2017

A common advantage encourages overall growth

At Cefla the cooperative spirit can be felt in every action, project and intention.

We are close to the people in every way. In sharing goals, training our staff, heightening our awareness of both local needs and global changes while ensuring the success of our clients all over the world.

At Cefla we consider progress a circular process that resonates widely and creates value for everybody and for the environment.

This is why we spend so much energy on developing new products and services, and on continuous process improvement. Because only preparation and research can generate common responsible performance.

Hence, every achievement is the outcome of work centred on trust, guarantees and stability. And everybody takes credit for the results.

Innovation as a key factor for competitiveness

Members 2017 Members 2016
Plants 3 2
Shopfitting 69 53
Finishing 162 131
Medical 253 217
Lighting 15 13
502 416
Members 2017 Members 2016
Plants 0 0
Shopfitting 12 10
Finishing 9 9
Medical 91 89
Lighting 5 1
117 109
Total securities
Members 2017 Members 2016
Total patents
502 416
Total design 117 109
619 525

Focus on the individual


  • Employees & Workers
  • Directors & Top
  • Managers
  • Coordinators & Professionals
  • Specialists

From the very first day of its story, Cefla was conceived along a cooperation model centred on personal wellbeing and growth. Everything focuses on ensuring the satisfaction of our employees, clients, citizens and the overall community.


  • Italy
  • Rest of the world

Achieved goal and starting point.

There is no value without safety. Cefla is aware of this, and all our actions have confirmed it from the onset. Safety underpins every action, shared moment, innovation and performance.
A pre-requisite that we consider both an achievement and a starting point to be proud of and a point of honour.

* IF= nº injuries ÷ hours worked × 1,000,000
** II= nº injuries ÷ nº employees × 100
*** IG= number of days lost due to injury ÷ hours worked × 1000

Data take into account a severe injury that occurred in 2016 with effects throughout 2017. The injury case is still in progress on 31/12/2017.


Health and Safety
2017 2016 2015
Number of employees 1.269 1.093 950
Hours worked 2.254.499 2.060.866 1.521.437
Injured employees 12 16 7
Days of absence for employee injuries 180 215 77
Index of frequency (IF)* 5,32 7,76 4,60
Incidence Index (II)** 0,81 1,19 0,79
Index of Seriousness (IG)*** 0,080 0,281* 0,051

A specific commitment.

The environment plays a pivotal role in our daily actions. Its protection is a goal that allows no shortcuts and which we develop with a consumption management policy studied to eliminate wastage by reducing costs and minimising the environmental impact.

Alternative energy. A commitment to sunlight.
Four thousand solar panels, eight months of work and investments worth 3.5 million euro. These are the numbers of the huge photovoltaic plant installed by Cefla already in 2010 on

Cefla has obtained ISO 50001 Certification for energy management.

Community and land.
Bonded since the beginning.

The DNA of a cooperative, such as Cefla, is deeply rooted in the area it belongs to. The close bond with the community is expressed with wide-ranging initiatives that embrace solidarity and culture, sports and health.

The main initiatives we support:

  • Work orientation
  • Scholarships
  • Sistema Scuola Impresa Project

  • Charity
  • Solidarity
  • Inclusion
  • Sports