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Sustainability Report 2017

This year we are publishing the Sustainability Report to have an open global vision in which all stakeholders – people, clients, shareholders, suppliers and community – contribute with passion and innovation to create value in the long-term.

Contributing towards a sustainable business model is a priority for any company that wants to actually create virtuous development, and we are deeply convinced about this at Cefla. Our calling to cooperate drives us to support and make use of human, economic and intellectual resources for the implementation of the most complex, common and binding international agreement for sustainable development: the UN Agenda 2030.
The theory that the current development model is unsustainable, not only from an environmental standpoint but also economically and socially, is central to the studies that lead to the implementation of the Agenda.

We must consider sustainability not as a mere environmental issue any more. We need an integrated vision of the various aspects of development. Each company’s success is bound to the ecosystem that surrounds it and which it belongs to. Hence, we want to transparently share our achievements in recent years in our first Sustainability Report, which completes information contained in the Financial Report (even though it is not a part of the mandatory publication framework laid down by EU Directive 2014/95). Hence, we describe our impact on both local and international communities, relations with clients, human capital management practices, the value of our patents and our solutions for both the environment and the area.

Drawn up in compliance with the recent GRI 4.0 (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines, the Sustainability Report identifies and analyses themes that affect the performance and decisional processes of Cefla and its stakeholders in terms of their environmental, social and economic impact. The information and data provided in the Sustainability Report comprise a choice of themes that Cefla deems of the utmost importance for all the stakeholders it addresses, ranging from internal subjects (partners and employees) to external subjects (suppliers, clients, institutions, trade associations, schools and universities), without forgetting the media, trade unions and local and international communities that belong to the social fabric of the areas where we carry out our business.

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