Cefla Shopfitting. We design your success.

Experience has taught us that being attentive to customers’ needs and committed to fulfilling them is indispensable for creating value and satisfaction.
Since the 1950s we have been providing solutions designed to improve stores’ performance. And we have always shared the objectives of those who have chosen us,
until becoming the go-to company in the world of shopfitting.

Cefla Shopfitting aims to be a premium, international, innovative retail chain partner, working in synch with internal and external stakeholders' expectations.

Our products are designed to improve every aspect of the shopping experience through functionality, ergonomics, visual merchandising and industrial design technology.
We offer mass produced products, a wide model range and modular furniture units for modern retailing: from shelving to check-out stations to integrated racks and PoPs.
Ours are complete solutions: custom layouts, certified quality at every stage of the industrial production, punctual deliveries, fast assembly and reliability, guaranteed by a solid after-sales service. We aim to always help derive the maximum benefit from every space.

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Brand of Cefla Shopfitting

RED Retail Design operates as a design studio focused on the retail and hospitality sector, both food and non-food. RED provides the customer with an expert team with long-standing experience in the sector. These professionals interpret and anticipate trends, allowing them to design solutions that match the growth strategies adopted by large-scale retail companies. >website

Zenith Contract
Zenith Contract specialises in creating interior and exterior environments for the contract sector, especially hospitality services, clinics and living spaces as well as for shopping and business centres. Zenith acts as a general contractor, providing customers with close support at every stage of the project to respond to their every need. Made-to-measure projects – aimed at making the very most of the available space – are implemented to create areas as refined as they are imaginative. >website

Zenith R.S. - Cefla Shopfitting

Zenith R.S.
Zenith Retail Solutions is a Cefla subsidiary company based in Russia, near Moscow, that specialises in the production and distribution of metal shelving, check-out stations and racks for retail stores and supermarket chains. >website

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