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Seeds&Chips, Milan: our message for the sustainable agriculture

What we grow from the Earth, and from our minds, can shape the future of food.

This is the key message of Seeds&Chips, the Global Food Innovation Summit, that brings thousands of innovators together from all over the world, to build a better food system for all.

We’re proud to be Partner of this special event, bringing the brightest minds in food and AgTech world to Milan, to share ideas and content.

Main topics explore every aspect of the Agrifood chain from farm to fork including precision agriculture, traceability, AI, circular economy, investment and open innovation.

So how are we to make a difference in the future of our global food chain?

We at Cefla are sparking this revolution. As a one-stop technological partner, cutting the distance from farm to fork in the retail sector, designing innovative LED Lighting to increase harvest volumes for growers, we provide turnkey solutions – from climate control and cogeneration to systems integration – for controlled environment agriculture.

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