Mocom crosses the ocean into the U.S.A.

We’re in Anaheim, California exhibiting at CDA Presents, the Californian Dental Association’s annual meeting and trade show that runs from May 12 – 14. So what’s new? We’re showcasing two products from the vast range of medical devices manufactured by Cefla Medical Equipment. With a track record lasting over 25 years, Mocom our brand of sterilization equipment – is now available to U.S. dentists looking for premium autoclaves from one of Europe’s leading brands.

Class B sterilization devices

Easy to use, exceptionally low on water consumption, with rapid sterilization cycles, both the B Classic and B Futura high-performance sterilizers are cutting-edge and can fit countless innovative accessories such as demineralisation devices, external printers (for standard reports, barcode and ID labels), wi-fi modules, front and automatic filling kits. Personalised cycles are possible and features such as delayed start and extra drying, all accessed by a colour touchscreen display (B Futura) that can be configured for different languages and units of measure. Available as 17, 22 and 28 litre internal capacity, there is no difference to the external measurements, making your choice of size an easy task.

Cefla North America expands its product portfolio

More and more committed to pushing back the barriers of modern dentistry in the U.S.A., Cefla is launching the Mocom brand across the ocean. General Manager of Cefla North America, Massimo Di Russo says: “Like Mocom, we are always eager to find additional ways to respond to customers changing needs and to support what we sell with responsive and highly knowledgeable technical service.” The B Classic and B Futura autoclaves are two primary products featured in the Mocom range of sterilization devices which includes disinfection devices, packaging solutions and consumables. For more details, visit the Mocom website.


Dual success for Cefla
Cefla showcases its ability to innovate