Continuous investment in intellectual property development

In 2018, the number of Industrial Properties held by Cefla totalled 652 (547 patents/utility models and 105 design deeds), an increase of 8% with respect to 2017, in line with the steady upward trend of recent years. The year 2018 also saw no less than 37 patents awarded.

This result stems from an innovation-focused development model involving a broad array of technologies, products and services for different markets. That’s why Cefla has, for some years, had its own Intellectual Property Manager, a specialist with the task of coordinating industrial property policy and following the patenting process from application to approval.

Industrial property assets – equitably distributed among Cefla’s industrial Business Units – stem from a daily commitment by an expanding R&D team which studies new projects to improve people’s lives and the environment.

One of the offshoots of this work, which sees talent as an industrial growth asset, was Cefla’s 2017 preliminary Patent Box agreement with the Italian Revenue Authorities. This agreement concerns a significant part of its portfolio of patents, trademarks, designs, models and other intangible assets connected to the medical business. The signing of the Cefla-Revenue Authorities agreement highlights the company’s focus on the future: Cefla was, in fact, one of the first 20 large-scale Italian businesses to obtain such innovation-related tax concessions. This agreement, which crowns the Group’s last 15 years of technological advances, endorses the last three years of forward-thinking developments in internal innovation-related organisational strategy.

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