Introducing Cefla’s new borns: Carty, Cross and Sporty shopping carts

With the acquisition of Filomarket and the establishment of the Polo Industriale del Filo (Wire Industrial Center), a district dedicated to metal wire production, Cefla Shopfitting Solutions enhances its offer with three new lines of shopping carts that respond to every customer need.
One of the most prominent attributes of the point of sale is the shopping cart, as it is fundamental in defining a store’s identity and strongly influences the shopping experience; so much so that it even has an impact on economic results.

For these reasons, Cefla offers three distinct lines of shopping carts, each with its own characteristics:

  • Carty is the classic model, which can be personalized with various colors. The line also provides 7 different filling capacity shopping carts and is completely recyclable.
  • Cross combines the traditional metal wire basket and a robust tube structure, guaranteeing a lighter cart with easier handling and an elegant design that can be personalized.
  • Sporty, with its tube structure and plastic basket, gives customers a strong visual impact and a highly satisfying customer experience.

Along with these three lines of shopping carts, Cefla also offers Kids and Friend lines, dedicated to children and the physically disabled respectively. The Mini line of shopping carts includes a wide range of shopping baskets, while the Carry line is for large volume shopping.

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