Growth in the 90s

Other than the birth of the Dental Division in 1998, the end of the 90s was marked by considerable growth in the company, as well as by strategic investments, quality certifications received (in particular the Det Norske Veritas certification for the finishing systems designed and built by #CeflaFinishing – a first ever for an Italian company) and the inauguration of extra-European offices.

Having begun in 1932 as a small workshop outfit, at the end of 1997 a total of 641 people were working for Cefla and the annual turnover was 219 billion Lira. By December of the following year (1998) turnover had increased by approximately 45% and the number of employees on the payroll had risen to 853.

To each of those people who are still working in the company and to those who have retired or moved on, and to all our dear readers/followers we wish you a relaxing month of August and look forward to you checking in again in September. The story continues!

From one millennium to the next: tradition and technology, together
In 1998 Cefla enters the medical sector