Cefla’s annual turnover in 2018 exceeds 560 million euro, income + 8.1%

Cefla closed 2018 with a turnover of more than 560 million euro and a positive balance of 21 million euro, up from 2017’s figure of 13 million euro. Net income rose to 30 million euro (+ 8.1% compared to 2017). Consolidated EBITDA totalled approximately 50 million euro. 47% of income was generated in Italy, 30% in other European countries and 23% in the rest of the world.

Investments of over 30 million euro

Thus the Cefla Group confirmed the recent growth trend of its five Business Units: Engineering, Shopfitting, Finishing, Medical Equipment and Lighting. Cefla responded to the global economic situation through investments of over 30 million euro, all self-financed, with each Business Unit acquiring a number of important orders, and through the reorganisation of company processes designed to better meet present and future challenges.

The commitment of all Business Units

In 2018, the results of the Medical Equipment and Finishing Business Units in particular reached record values both in terms of volumes and profitability. The contribution of the Engineering BU (formerly Plant Solutions) was also significant, and the newly formed Lighting BU’s performance was extremely promising.
Developments in the Retail sector meant that 2018 was a very difficult year for the Shopfitting BU. However, measures have already been adopted to try and improve operational efficiency, increase competitiveness in the international markets it operates in, and guarantee economic and financial stability.

Cefla’s Board of Directors has been reconfirmed for the three-year period 2019-2021

During the Shareholders’ Meeting, which saw the approval of the 2018 Financial Statements, drawn up in conformity with the IAS/IFRS international accounting standards, the entire Board of Directors was reconfirmed, including the relative leaders: Gianmaria Balducci as Chairman and Claudio Fedrigo as Vice Chairman.

Balducci: “Here at Cefla we are going to continue our mission to improve people’s lives”

“The Board of Directors would like to thank the shareholders for their belief in us, and also to thank all of our colleagues within the Cefla Group who, through their daily work, have made it possible to translate the strategies of the managerial group and the guidelines of the Board of Directors into numbers. Most of the aims established at the beginning of the year have been achieved, and indeed surpassed, thanks to constructive discussions between shareholders, employees and managers, and to the participation of everyone present within the company,” declared the Chairman Gianmaria Balducci.

“Over the coming years” – the Chairman continued – “Cefla will continue to be able to count on the company’s distinguishing values, which have guided us since 1932. These values drive us on in our constant striving for improvement, in our incessant pursuit of value creation, and are consistent with our mission to improve people’s lives”.

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