Moving ahead full sail toward the future

2017 is a truly special year for us. 85 years have gone past since that 4th May 1932, the day CEFLA was founded in Imola. Today, the dream of the 9 founding members has turned into a multibusiness, international enterprise driven by the belief that there is ‘power in working together’. A dream which lives on thanks to almost 2000 people who, with the same spirit and pride in belonging to a group, are moving ahead full sail toward the future to spread innovation, technology and wellbeing.

A first event dedicated to local schools took place in February, right where the roots of the company lie. Starting today and through till the end of the year, countless initiatives will be organised to engage with everyone working in the company around the globe, with the local communities and all the stakeholders of the company in order to increase our visibility on domestic and international markets.

Events, conventions, leisure activities to share with the territory, but also a story to follow on our digital media and social network channels. We will be telling the story of our first 85 years, often through the words of the people who have built the group and are an intrinsic part of its evolution.
We sincerely hope this year will be a chance to get to know us better, wherever you are, near or far. Let the celebrations begin!

My home, or “la mi cà”
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