Cefla with Coop at Expo 2015

Cefla and Zenith Shop Design, together with Coop, are starring at EXPO Milan 2015.

The pioneering Supermarket of the Future, part of the EXPO 2015 FUTURE FOOD DISTRICT theme area, was developed based on an idea by Carlo Ratti, Director of the Senseable City Lab at MIT, Boston, with the collaboration of Coop, an Official Food Distribution Partner.

Cefla and Zenith Shop Design, a group company specialising in custom-made furniture, in closecollaboration with INRES, have created the Supermarket of the Future innovative systems and furnishings.

The Future Food District presents an actual 2,500 sq. m. supermarket where you can buy productsfrom 5 chains, from milk and dairy products to fruit, vegetables and wine. With a touch of yourfinger you can get information about any product: its origin, processing, properties, journey andenvironmental impact.

Inside the store, where you can also actually shop, Cefla provided the shelving systems: these are dedicated LED-illuminated units set both against the surrounding walls and in the central area, complete with video LED lights and a touch-screen, which you can touch with your finger to view information about any displayed product, its origin, supply chain, and whether it contains allergensor not.


The Supermarket of the Future is located within the Future Food District, the 6,500 sq. m. Future Food Pavilion at the southern intersection between the Cardo and the Decumanus.

“CIBUSèITALIA – the Expo Federalimentare Pavilion”, on the first floor, in the “Sustainable Production Technologies” theme area, near the Eastern Entrance across from the Biodiversity Park.



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