Cefla Shopfitting Solutions fits out FiorFood in Turin

A new concept store by Novacoop has recently opened in Turin, under the name “FiorFood, cibo ed emozioni” (literally “food and emotions“) in the evocative setting of the Galleria San Federico designed by architect Paolo Lucchetta of Retail Design.

“It’s a place to spend time in, a place to be lived,” says Ernesto Dalle Rive, chairman of Novacoop, “a new kind of store within which to nurture sociability, discussions on various topics, book presentations and conferences, where to shop and to taste expertly prepared foods.”

And who took care of the shop-fitting? Cefla of course!

“It’s more than a simple supermarket, it’s a real philosophy of food.” This is the paradigm that inspired FiorFood. It’s the latest challenge taken on by Coop to transform the shopping experience into a moment of responsible consumerism and it picks up where the Supermarket of the Future at Expo Milano 2015 – a test passed with flying colours – left off.

The challenge has also been met by the Shopfitting Solutions Business Unit of Cefla which, together with Zenith Shop Design, one of the group’s companies specialised in custom shopfittings, gave shape to the concept of the new sales point with innovative furnishing and design solutions.


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