Cefla Shopfitting Challenge for the trolley of the future

Cefla Shopfitting Challenge” is the contest launched by Cefla Shopfitting in order to give the shopping trolley a new image. The contest, which ends 19 December, aims to muster the best creative minds to make a “new, iconic product” that both represents Cefla’s innovative tendency and, at the same time, can become a “distinctive and characteristic element in stores” of all sizes.

Already at Expo 2015, the idea of the “supermarket of the future” began taking its first steps with the Coop (supermarkets) Pavilion. Now the challenge posed to designers is to imagine how the shopping trolley could be transformed. A challenge that demands the right balance between innovation, design and willingness to accommodate devices that favour interaction with beacon technologies or intelligent payment systems.

Participation in the contest is free and it is open to creative people of all nationalities that are at least 18 years old. Participants may present more than one proposal, but only projects posted on the website desall.com will be accepted. They can be uploaded on the “Cefla Shopfitting Challenge” page.

Proposals will be considered for their originality, feasibility and consistency with the brief posted online. The winner with the best project will receive 3,000 euros. Other proposals considered equally interesting will be offered option rights.


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