Cefla Digital Transformation

We need to prepare at the pace at which the world is evolving, especially when it comes to new technology. Yet it’s only by changing our mindset that we can make full use of the potential such technology offers.

To strengthen our preparation we’ve organised 10 Digital Transformation Workshops that range from Big Data to IOT (Internet of things), from Augmented Reality to Robotic processes, from Additive Manufacturing to Digital Marketing.

On 18 July, at #DigitalWorkshop01, Luciano Attolico, CEO and Lean Master of Lenovys, the consultancy firm specialised in Lean Thinking, introduced us to the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation. The quote from futurologist Alvin Toffler “Too much change in too little time” sums up today’s challenge perfectly: how to handle quantities of digital information that are growing exponentially. Every individual, every company, has access to ever-increasing amounts of data; the secret to being a winner lies in knowing how to use knowledge better than others. Innovation is not, on its own, enough. It’s necessary to create innovation that is high-impact for both customers and the company itself.

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