Online our new company profile

Our new company profile, a document explaining every facet of who we are – a major company in which we all play a vital role, every day – is now on-line.

We’re a cooperative company with a history stretching back 87 years. And ever since our founding, innovation and cooperation have played a key role in our growth. For nearly nine decades Cefla teamwork has been generating new ideas, resulting in new products and services for the market.

Compared to previous editions this Cefla Company Profile has a more consumer centric outlook, one that sees listening to the final customer as the driver behind the way we design and manufacture. By intercepting consumer needs, Cefla will continue creating value and inventing innovative solutions for its customers.

The company profile develops these themes in some depth: starting with our new tagline ‘Making Your Life Better’ and the definition of our brand identity as an ‘Explorer of benefits’, the profile highlights the need to evolve into an agile organisation in which people feel involved and encouraged to express themselves.

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