Cefla adds Human Capital Management

Cefla is aware that the true wealth of a company resides in the people who build it on a daily basis, with passion and skill.
To put that belief into practice, Cefla began, in the first few months of 2018, implementing the innovative HCM (Human Capital Management) process. This is designed to emphasise the importance of people’s contributions to the company, make the most of their abilities and skills and extend their perimeter of responsibility.

This process – which will, over the years, gradually be extended to several levels within the company – is based on an evaluation of professional goals and skills (the ‘what’ and the ‘how’), thus allowing identification of everyone’s potential and strengths so they can be enhanced and nurtured accordingly.
The Cefla’s HCM system is based on Oracle Cloud platform.

Andrea Formica, CEO
Fabio Nebbia, HR Director

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