Cefla 2017 financial statements: a five-year growth

Cefla closes 2017 with an increase by +20% in the value of production over the previous year – confirming its growth trend for the fifth year in a row. The turnover figure, equal to 528 million euro, consolidates the contribution from foreign subsidiaries in strategic markets such as the United States, China and Russia – with an export percentage share of 54%.
The economic performance of Cefla, with a strong focus on cost containment, is matched by a solid financial position. Also the net financial position continues to be positive, net of over 20 million euro of investments.

“Although profitability indicators have increased in absolute terms,” explains President Gianmaria Balducci, “the increase in volumes with a different product/country mix compared to 2016 led to a drop of around 1 percentage point in terms of EBITDA. However, the double digit increase in our turnover largely makes up for the lost margins; our net result record figure of about 25 million euro confirms the value of our choices, and is a reward for all the stakeholders: customers, suppliers, banks and shareholder-employees”.

Cefla employs approximately 2,000 people worldwide, of whom around 1,400 are in Italy; in particular, in Italy there are more than 1,400 employees – up by 150 units compared to 2016. 2017 also saw the company enter into a preliminary Patent Box agreement with the national Revenue Authorities for a significant part of its portfolio, equal to over 600 intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks and designs. Cefla is one of 20 large-sized top companies in Italy to have obtained this acknowledgement of its constant commitment to Research and Development.

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