Anthos and defence against legionnaire’s disease

Certified effectiveness with Anthos systems

Ensuring impeccable hygiene in dental surgeries and, therefore, inside the dental unit, is essential. Anthos provides dentists with an array of advanced hygiene systems and builds its dental units around a passive hygiene concept, meticulously applying materials and design features that make cleaning and sanitising tasks easier.

Protection against Legionnaire’s disease

The research carried out by Anthos in this field has, in recent years, led to the development of systems that provide maximum protection. Today, numerous microbiological tests on Legionella demonstrate that the W.H.E. can bring water that is 6 times over permitted limits back down to normal values and has, after one hour, an effectiveness as high as 99.99%. The BIOSTER cycle reduces the bacterial count by more than 99.99% in just 10 minutes.

Two systems to protect against Legionella and other water-borne contaminants

The W.H.E. and BIOSTER hygiene systems, which use an H202-based disinfectant, have been thoroughly tested in a Research Programme with the Lingotto Dental School in Turin. They ensure an anti-microbial and anti-Legionella effectiveness that is certified by the Public Health and Infectious Disease Department of the Sapienza University of Rome and by the Public and Paediatric Health Science Department of Turin. The hygienic quality of both the delivered water and the entire dental unit water circuit ensures a meticulous approach to hygiene, safeguarding both patients and all the surgery staff.  Discover more >

Advanced hygiene systems

Sophisticated control electronics ensures that each active hygiene device works according to user-established criteria. The dentists can manage all the settings, and personalise them at any time, via the control panel (of the touch screen type on high-end units)


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