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Our message for the future opportunities

Following the pandemic that spread earlier this year, we’re experiencing a period of profound change. The challenges now being faced worldwide affect our daily lives, health and well-being. The markets on which we have, until now, achieved success and constant growth are currently characterised by unpredictability.

Despite this uncertain macroeconomic scenario, we remain true to the values that have, since 1932, created value for our markets and our customers. In recent months we’ve continued to invest in safety, technology and new companies, continuing to play a pivotal role across all our businesses.

Our plants have never stopped working. Sales and administration staff have carried on working from home. Customers have been able to count on uninterrupted support, research, development and innovation.

For us, the well-being of our employees, customers and partners comes first. We’re gradually getting back to ‘business as normal’ by adopting all necessary safety measures to maximise protection for everyone.

In a fast-changing world, Cefla remains a market leader thanks to effective short-term emergency planning and medium-term plans that aim to seize future opportunities when the economy reopens.

The storm is far from over, but we will weather it just as we’ve done with many others in our history. Confident of our capacity for constant improvement, our goal is to keep providing markets with tangible advantages and benefits.


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