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One-stop technological partner of Seeds&Chips, Milan

One-stop technological partner of Seeds&Chips, Milan.

On 6-9 May we shall partner the exclusive event Seeds&Chips―The Global Food Innovation Summit―in Milan. This leading network event in the Food Innovation sector has now reached its 5th edition with high visibility in the international scene as a result of its renowned panel of speakers.

Retail, Lighting, Climate Control and Energy Efficiency solutions: these are our proposals for Cefla’s presentation as AgTech’s Technological Partner, with in-store farming solutions for Retail sector, horticultural lighting projects by C-LED, and energy efficiency and climate control solutions by BU Engineering.

We shall attend two key conferences during the event:

– Monday, 6 May – “Achieving the SDGs: Stories and Strategies for Reaching Zero Hunger and Tackling Malnutrition”, which analyses the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and practices implemented for food safety worldwide to achieve the Zero Hunger objective;

– Tuesday, 7 May – “Controlling for change: The Disruption of Indoor Farming”, which will discuss how the farming sector is developing innovative solutions and projects, such as vertical farming, to give our food system with new momentum. We shall especially present our research on the indoor growth of algae based on the use of C-Led lights.

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