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NewTom’s new patented technologies to promote patient well-being

Cefla has always been committed to studying win-win solutions for everyone and to designing more efficient, faster and more productive working methods. We are now active in new business sectors, we have adopted new technologies and, over the years, we have registered hundreds of patents.

We are constantly striving to ensure patient well-being and to offer increasingly satisfactory diagnostic precision to professional radiologists: to achieve these goals NewTom, a brand of our Medical Equipment BU specialised in diagnostic imaging for uses in the Medical, Dental and Veterinary sectors, has developed an innovative CBCT imaging technology tool based on Dual Energy. It is a radiological technique that uses two different radiant energies to identify with greater clarity and precision the chemical composition of the tissues in the examined anatomical area as well as any pathological conditions.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is an established radiological examination tool in various medical fields including dentistry and maxillofacial surgery, thanks to its ability to produce high-resolution three-dimensional images with minimal radiation exposure.

To date, NewTom‘s 7G model features CBCT technology combined with Dual Energy. NewTom researchers’ objective – i.e. making the clinical and technological advantages of this technique available to Medical (musculoskeletal) and Veterinary professionals – has been achieved and is undergoing clinical validation.

With this technology, X-ray scans show better differentiation of tissue types and their components. The images obtained with this new system allow radiologists to make more precise and reliable diagnoses.

This means that, while leveraging CBCT technology’s ability to ensure lower radiation exposure compared to CT scans, the integration of Dual Energy technology into the NewTom 7G CBCT system allows for superior image quality and diagnostic value.

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