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Dual success for Cefla

Cefla wins the “Popai Award” for its Smart Shelving System and the “Xylexpo Innovation Award” for the iGiottoApp X2

A week of thrilling satisfaction for Cefla, having just won two major awards in the technological innovation field.

Cefla and Jointag, partners in the development of the Smart Shelving System, have won the Popai Award 2016. The award, now at its ninth edition, was presented on the evening of Tuesday 24th May in Milan for the category “Digital and technological innovation – proximity marketing”, where Cefla had reached the final together with a competitor of the calibre of Unicredit. Against the suggestive backdrop of a Milan skyline, seen in twilight from the top of the Pirellone tower, the Popai jury decided to highlight how – by integrating display space with a proximity marketing platform – Cefla’s “smart shelf” represents a major development in the relationship between retailer and consumer.

“The Popai Award is the jewel in the crown of a project that is of considerable importance to us on account of its undeniable innovation” stated Andrea Ventura, Managing Director of Cefla Shopfitting. “The Smart Shelving System is a doubly ‘smart’ system as it makes the shelf interactive with the customer’s smartphone, infinitely expanding the opportunities for communication between retailer and consumer, and because it allows the retail outlet to minimise space requirements without reducing display capacity.”

The second win was achieved by Cefla Finishing, which on Wednesday 25th May was presented with the XIA – Xylexpo Innovation Award, a prize organised in three different sections (Initial machining and transformation of the solid wood, Panel machining, Finishing).

In the finishing section, the hot favourite and prize winner was the anthropomorphic iGiottoApp X2, the most advanced version of the 6-axis iGiottoApp coating robot, declared the winner on account of “smooth integration of mechanics and IT systems, allowing management of a continuous flow of randomly arranged material while offering a high degree of operative freedom and a capacity for interaction between the two robots in a common area, with consequently high productivity.”

“Our preparations for the 25th biennial Xylexpo fair have been long and thorough; moreover, at Cefla we have a strong tradition of focusing on technological innovation by listening to our customers, speaking with our staff and extreme attentiveness to materials and processes to ensure nothing but the best machine design,” stated Alberto Maestri, Managing Director of Cefla Finishing, who received the prize during the evening dedicated to exhibitors and the press. “That’s why we are now delighted to see our daily efforts and intense teamwork acknowledged with this important award.”


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