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C-LED: a new Cefla company

Spring has arrived… and so has a new business aimed at the LED lighting sector

Founded at the beginning of April, this latest Cefla company is called C-LED Srl. A spin-off of Elca Technologies – another Cefla company specialising in electronic systems for industrial automation, medical devices and lighting – C-LED encompasses all the skills developed over the years by Elca and has an all-new, cutting-edge production line.

What industries is C-LED aimed at?

Strongly focused on innovation and the development of LED technology, C-LED is aimed at businesses working in the public lighting, visual merchandising and interior design sectors. The company’s main strategic goal is to build innovation by developing technology and advanced manufacturing techniques that can then anticipate the needs of the market and meet even its most ambitious demands.

Brilliance and flexibility to keep pace with a fast-developing industry

The qualities of flexibility and ingeniousness will be cultivated with great determination in order to meet the industry’s burgeoning demand for customisation. C-LED has a skilled, highly motivated team with long-standing experience in both design and production. The company also has a strong focus on research and provides customer not just with a supplier but an authentic partner. C-LED’s strength will undeniably lie in its ability to provide product personalisation, fast delivery and high quality lighting solutions with outstanding long-lasting reliability.

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