Cefla Medical Equipment. Your global dentistry partner

Technological evolution and an unmistakably customer-oriented approach are the key features of an ever-growing group which has gained its leading status as a
multi-brand enterprise
As Europe’s number one dental unit manufacturer, Cefla Medical Equipment implements synergies from the design phase right up to industrialisation in order to ensure premium product quality standards are respected. Strongly supported by joint investment in research and development, Cefla Medical Equipment, via its network of brands, is a global partner able to provide the best solutions in each business area: dental units, radiology, sterilisation, accessories and dynamic instruments.

Leader in the dental equipment sector, Cefla Medical Equipment merges innovation and excellence in production to enhance brand
and product value thanks to premium solutions for dentistry.

Cefla Medical Equipment ensures specific local presence throughout the world thanks to leading networks for distribution and technical assistance. The close relationship between the group and its distributors allows each brand to satisfy each request and every need arising within the dental profession. Cefla Medical Equipment is a multi-brand corporation, a leading producer of dental and medical equipment.

Anthos, Castellini, Stern Weber, Victor, MyRay, NewTom and Mocom are the trademarks of excellence that go to make up Cefla Medical Equipment.
Every brand is backed by distinct values and a unique history. Every brand is backed by a major industrial concern with a global outlook and specific local expertise.
Discover the 7 brands, whose products and services range from high-tech dental units to medical.

Brand of Cefla Medical Equipment

Anthos - Cefla Medical Equipment

Dental units that are built to give the dentist a model that best fits his or her way of working thanks to a clever and functional design. >website

Castellini - Cefla Medical Equipment

Italian excellence in medical devices: design and technological solutions to ensure the highest standards of clinical hygiene and safety.>website

Sternweber - Cefla Medical Equipment

Stern Weber
Treatment centres whose innovative design and ergonomics allow the dentist to better express his or her professional skills.>website

Victor - Cefla Medical Equipment

Simple, reliable and functional dental units, built with industrial discipline according to the principles and methodology of Lean Manufacturing.>website

Myray - Cefla Medical Equipment

Radiology and digital imaging systems that meet the dentist’s needs. Solutions designed for those who seek design, performance and comfort. >website

Newtom - Cefla Medical Equipment

From the inventors of CB3D, volumetric radiology systems intended for radiologists and specialists who require high image quality.>website

Mocom - Cefla Medical Equipment

State-of-the-art sterilisation systems, safe, reliable and designed to minimize the impact of manual operations during the process. >website

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