Making your life better

Cefla’s vocation goes beyond the mere provision of civil, industrial or cogeneration plants, machines for coating almost any material, digital printers, patient chairs for dental surgeries, advanced X-ray and sterilisation systems, LED lighting, shelving systems and retail outlet solutions. Via its products and services, Cefla aims to improve people’s everyday lives.

“Making Your Life Better” is a promise that sees Cefla committed to making the places where consumers live, work, shop and seek healthcare more comfortable.

At Cefla, we see “Making Your Life Better” as a promise
that means improving people’s lives, getting involved with the way they think.


Firstly, making refers to us at Cefla, our ability “to do”. It highlights a manufacturing tradition that has been in our DNA for decades. “Making” also means “rendering”, that is, transforming one thing into another. So, Cefla both “makes something” and simultaneously “makes it something else”.

Your life

Your Life indicates those we’re addressing: “your life” is the life of everyone we engage with, especially the end consumers. We address them directly, trying to create a close, everyday relationship.


Better is the effect this relationship aims to produce: an improvement. An improvement that enhances people’s lives in numerous ways thanks to the benefits associated with use of our products.