To create value over time, you must innovate.
Cefla's identity is the product of its history.

All those who can feel proud today to be part of this company, owe it first and foremost to the people who embarked on this course years ago,
entrusting us with the fruit of their great sacrifice and commitment.

Would you like to share an innovative idea with us?

Write to us about it below. If it fits with our philosophy and our mission, we will contact you to examine it more closely.

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Innovation of ideas

“Pushing for innovation and business development means giving the green light to creativity. We must promote and encourage the imagination, creating the right atmosphere where people wish to and can find innovative solutions.”

When people with technical know-how meet people with market vision the result is product, process and organisational innovation.

Cefla invests continuously in research, innovation and constant improvement. These ideas are so important to Cefla that it established a "Corporate Innovation & Business Development" team dedicated exclusively to the development of new technologies and products, combining tasks, and sharing and integrating processes across the 4 business areas.

In order to convey the huge value innovation represents for Cefla, a video was made in which the main character is both a person who benefits from the everyday innovations Cefla has created, as well as being an employee of the company involved in developing those very same technologies.
A day in the life of our main character depicts the various settings in which our innovations play a role in improving the quality of life, both technologically and in a friendly way.

Watch our Innovation video


Over many years now we have been successfully exporting the
“Made in Cefla” brand beyond national borders to all corners of the world.
Each day we nurture our development project, convinced we can grow by learning to understand different cultures.

A vision that requires aptitude for new languages, flexibility, expertise and tools ready to welcome change and innovation.