A story dedicated to excellence is fuelled by staying competitive.

Over the years, we have registered hundreds of patents. We have moved into new business sectors and adopted original technologies. We have developed solutions beneficial for all and more efficient, faster, more productive working methods: we are never satisfied with the processes achieved, constantly imagining the next step.

We understand needs and share discoveries.

Industry 4.0

At Cefla we know how to link the digital world to the real world, how to connect machines with people – and we help our customers do exactly the same.

From system design (which allows a realistic overview of the process) to system supervision and control, from industrial domotics to predictive services, proximity marketing technology and beyond, we enact digital change to make our customers’ companies more competitive on all markets.

Our people have all the skills, passion and curiosity needed to look ahead and guide product, process and organizational innovation towards success.

Cefla invests continuously in research, innovation and constant improvement. These ideas are so important to Cefla that it established a “Corporate Innovation & Business Development” team dedicated exclusively to the development of new technologies and products, combining tasks, and sharing and integrating processes across the business areas.

Would you like to share an innovative idea with us?

Write to us about it below. If it fits with our philosophy and our mission, we will contact you to examine it more closely.

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