To create value over time, you must innovate.
Cefla's identity is the product of its history.

Cefla is one of the first twenty Italian companies to sign the preliminary agreement with the Italian Revenue Agency pursuant to the so-called Patent Box decree. This lets Cefla enjoy tax breaks as regards a significant part of its patent, trademark, drawing, and model-related portfolio and other intangible assets concerning the medical business.

The company owns more than 600 intellectual property items – which range from industrial patents (over 500) to design patents – all generated by a marked propensity to invest in R&D. This wealth of technologies, products and high quality services aimed at multiple market sectors goes hand-in-glove with long-standing traits that have seen the company excel in all its manufacturing operations.

The pride felt by those who belong to the present-day company owes much to those who came before us and entrusted us with the fruits of their labour.

Industry 4.0

At Cefla we know how to link the digital world to the real world, how to connect machines with people – and we help our customers do exactly the same.

From system design (which allows a realistic overview of the process) to system supervision and control, from industrial domotics to predictive services, proximity marketing technology and beyond, we enact digital change to make our customers’ companies more competitive on all markets.

Our people have all the skills, passion and curiosity needed to look ahead and guide product, process and organizational innovation towards success.

Welcome to Industry 4.0

Cefla invests continuously in research, innovation and constant improvement. These ideas are so important to Cefla that it established a "Corporate Innovation & Business Development" team dedicated exclusively to the development of new technologies and products, combining tasks, and sharing and integrating processes across the business areas.

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