Cefla Finishing. The finishing touch of a leader.


Cefla Finishing, world-leading provider of surface finishing technologies, manufactures machines and coating equipment, industrial digital printers, and machines for decoration and lamination. All are designed as turnkey solutions for the embellishment of wood, glass, plastics, ceramics, fibre cement, composite materials and metal. Expertise acquired over the years and consolidated know-how in sectors such as the construction, furniture, packaging, aerospace and automotive industries at a global level have made this group a frontline player.

Cefla Finishing addresses both small and medium businesses dealing with coating, as well as major international companies, in the furniture, housing and automotive segments, who see finishing, lamination and industrial printing as a key part of their production processes, and who opt for efficiency, innovation and top quality.

Cefla Finishing has a strict policy of minimising environmental impact through the development of ecological finishing processes which comply with the current legal requirements. Its concern for operators and the way it pursues ongoing improvement make Cefla Finishing a benchmark and privileged partner for small, medium and large companies, and a leader in its field.

Brand of Cefla Finishing

Cefla Finishing
Spray applications finishing centre. Painting and curing systems for shaped and flat panels. Digital Printing.

Delle Vedove
Profiles and vacuum technology finishing centre. Profile painting and polishing systems. Vacuum application systems.

Ennobling centre. Machines and complete lines for laminating profiles, panels with paper, PVC or veneer.

Windows finishing centre. Pressurised cabins. Finishing lines for mounted windows.

Flat panels and edges finishing centre. Lines for roller painting, printing or film application.

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